Best Equity Funds Know Before Investment

More then 40 equity funds have been launched in Indian market in the last year, and 25 funds are going to introduce in coming months.

Expanded equity funds are the considered as largest and most investing fund among the fund categories. People likely want to invest their money on mutual funds. In other words we can say cash funds. It gives good maturity in shorten period because of major target to maintain the principal and earn from return.

In this article we are discussing some best equity funds you need to know before investing your budget.

> Alliance Basic Industries: To investing money in the Alliance Basic Industry is very high risk. The current performance of this fund is not good. In the year 2005 it has been extremely bed performance. We wouldn’t suggest you to invest if you have tight budget.

> Franklin India: Even though investing is risk in this fund but Franklin India performing well since 4 calendar years. The growth rate in 2001 to 2003 was significant. For small organization this fund is perfect. We will not advice to large organization for investing money.

> HDFC – This is one of the vast expanded equity has been performing well last seven years. The return of investment is average, no need to worry in this equity fund. You can invest budget without thinking. For Indian investor the HDFC equity is just perfect. The fund can easily move in any sectors. The risk of investing money in HDFC equity is very less because of performing constantly well.


> Magnum Contra: After HDFC equity, Magnum Contra is considered as safety mutual funds. The profit rate is 23.53%.  More and more large company focuses on this investment.

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